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A Comprehensive Foundation Course for Key Contributors in the Development of Automated Driving.

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Our Ambition

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In early 2023, CPS Safety Academy was founded by four renowned safety experts.

A whole team of likewise highly distinguished and experienced experts is working as authors, trainers and coaches.

All of them are driven by the same ambition, to meet the following three urgent, indispensable needs of automotive and semiconductor companies.

Cyber-Physical System (CPS) Safety has become a major enabler

In the globally connected world, that we experience in the development of ADAS, Automated Driving, E-Mobility, the concept of product safety as well as the traditionally E/E-centred, and therefore limited development perspective need to be extended to include Cyber-Physical System (CPS) Safety, to adequately protect human life and health as well as our environment.

Role Players are challenged to acquire corresponding competencies

Development teams and managers need to rapidly acquire a comprehensive and holistic understanding of all aspects, technical and process requirements of the safety life cycle of such systems. There is no other way for companies to cope with the rapid technological transformation and at the same time creating the necessary users’ trust in the new technologies of their products.

Companies therefore need to establish appropriate processes and culture

Companies, particularly those with globally distributed development teams and supply chains, need company-wide a holistic and consistent understanding of all relevant standards and regulations regarding Systems Engineering, Quality, Functional Safety, Cybersecurity, SOTIF etc. This is the way to efficiently establish the necessary CPS Safety Culture.

CPS Safety Academy anticipated a way forward and consequently developed a comprehensive training program and a highly sophisticated learning path. Both are unique and innovative in their efficiency, scalability and orientation towards application and personal qualification in practice on and for the job!

Individual and Unique Learning Path

It is not about learning how to apply safety standards like cookbooks or checklists.

It is about learning to apply their basic concepts and methods in engineering practice.

Through a combination of e-learning modules and hands-on workshops, trainees will learn to use relevant safety and security standards as framework and inspiration not as a substitute for their own thinking.

20 E-Learning Modules

Individual knowledge acquisition supported by interactive communication with the trainer. Each module comprises a 60 - 90 minutes video lecture, 30 exercises and one homework task. A FAQ-section is provided.

15 Online Workshops

Small groups of 5 - 8 participants, supported by trainers, work for up to three hours to enhance the module contents.

1 Year Coaching On-The-Job

Participants will be coached in their company projects at affordable rates. A hotline

at a flat rate will be available for urgent, short questions.

Hybrid / On-Site Workshop

After a year, 3 days of in-person workshops with optional remote participation will

reinforce theoretical knowledge and evaluate experiences gained.

Final Examination + Certification

An examination pass covering all training subjects will qualify for certification by an

independent, accredited certification body.

Visit of a SOTIF Test Laboratory

Visit at the IFM Institute for Driver Assistance and Connected Mobility of the

Hochschule Kempten with its powerful simulator for SOTIF testing.

Holistic Safety Approach

Our CPS Safety Engineering and Management Training integrates various aspects of systems engineering, safety and security:

Systems Engineering

ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207:2020, ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2023

Quality Management

Automotive SPICE® 3.1, 2017

Functional Safety

ISO 26262:2018, Safety Analyses (FMEA, FTA, FMEDA, DFA)


ISO 21448:2022


ISO/SAE 21434:2021, UNECE R155

Safety for Automated Driving Systems

ISO TS 5083

Our Team

Dr. Mirko Conrad
Dr. Mirko Conrad
Jörg Krüger
Jörg Krüger
Wolfgang Mickisch
Wolfgang Mickisch
Hans-Leo Ross
Hans-Leo Ross

CPS Safety Academy was founded by four renowned safety experts.

An entire team of likewise highly distinguished and experienced safety experts supports our ambition as authors, trainers and coaches. This network includes Michael Arend, Dr. Pierre Metz, Bernhard Sechser, Raimund Waning, Bernhard Meyer and additional safety experts.

Together, we represent a trusted, stable, highly competent body of knowledge to deliver our training program with a common safety philosophy and a uniform interpretation of relevant standards.